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May 27, 2015

P&P Group Photo May 27 – all welcome! Please come and get shot!

We want to remember how wonderful and varied our membership is at the Pen & Pencil Club. That’s why we’re organizing a ‘Class Photo,’ May 27 in which we’ll rally as many of you members as we can to take a big group photo. We’ll be aiming to do this both outside and inside.

Come at 7p to grab a drink and we’ll begin assembling a little before 7:30p to make sure we get a great photo by 8pm.

Photos will be taken by longtime member (and former Daily Newser) Jim MacMillan. All active members are welcome. We’ll use this photo to remember for years. Come and be part of history!

You can RSVP on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/events/1448701032094113/ or just come by with your membership card on hand!
Start: May 27, 2015
End: May 27, 2015
Venue: Pen and Pencil Club
Phone: 2157319909
1522 Latimer St., Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19102

June 7, 2015

Poetry night June 7 with open mic to follow!

The next poetry reading at Pen and Pencil will take place Sunday, June 7th, from 8 to 10 p.m.

The featured poets include Warren Longmire, Elijah Pryor, and Brendan “Wildcard” Zaleski. Each of these individuals possess a highly-captivating delivery and stage presence that makes their messages really come to life. It will be a very lively and entertaining night at P & P.

After the featured readers are done, there will be an open-mic hosted by Bob Zell. Below are the bios of the respective poets.

Warren Longmire is a poet, teacher, expert level whistler, and part-time philosopher. He’s been published in Painted Bride Quarterly, Apiary Magazine, metropolarity, Eleven Eleven and in two chapbooks: Ripped Winters and Do.Until.True. He is currently resides in a nameless part of Philadephia across from a former Mausoleum with one roommate, one bluetooth karaoke machine and a pet python named Fugee.  You can find his writings, essays, videos and sounds at dountiltrue.tumblr.com and soundcloud.com/wclongmire.

Elijah Pryor is a poet native to Philadelphia. He performs locally at different open mic venues in the city and has a great appreciation for the arts scene in the city.

Brendan Wildcard Zaleski is a troubador born in the cave of Cyllene when lightning struck the mountainside, impregnating the nymph who dwelt within. Raised in secret, he survived by raiding cow farms in the area until he stole a steer belonging the sun god’s pastures. This angered the god who demanded a ransom, until he serenaded the deity with a song from a piecemeal guitar. Thus, in exchange for his freedom, he became a minstrel and envoy for the sun and now resides in the dream state between life and death ferrying the souls of the departed to their next life. He enjoys laughing with the homeless, metal music, Skyrim (a video game where he can live out his kleptomaniacal tendencies as a master thief), and lying in performance bios.

Start: June 7, 2015
End: June 7, 2015
Venue: Pen and Pencil Club
Phone: 2157319909
1522 Latimer St., Philadelphia, PA, United States, 19102