The Pen and Pencil Club is one of the country’s oldest surviving membership-based journalism clubs. We serve working members of the press and the community that supports them. To do that, we serve drinks, host great events and bring people together.

Do you have a great idea for an Off-the-Record Session?

Let us know! We’re always looking for suggestions from members, so if you’ve got some ideas, please email Vice President Bobbi Booker with some names. If you can volunteer to help set the session up, even better!

Special Programs!

Don’t forget to check your emails for upcoming special programs like our Wine Series with P&P President Brad Wilson! If you haven’t already… sign up for ‘Notes’ the P&P newsletter to keep in touch.

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Upcoming OTR schedule:


Feb. 10: City Councilman Derek Green

Feb. 17: City Councilwoman Cherelle Parker

Feb. 24: John Brown

Mar, 30 — Police Commissioner Richard Ross

Other Events & Announcements: 

The annual P&P election will take place prior to the Annual Meeting, open to members, on, Monday, Feb. 8.

Any Active member can be nominated for any of the nine posts – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Governors.

According to our By-Laws, nominations close at 5 p.m. on the 14th day before the Annual Meeting, which is Monday, Jan. 25. Balloting takes place at the Club between 7-9 p.m., followed by the Annual Meeting at 9 p.m., on Feb. 8.

If you wish to run, notify Secretary Stu Bykofsky in writing before the deadline. You can email him at or use his snail mail address: Daily News, 801 Market St., 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, 19107.

The Club will be considering these By-Laws changes at the annual meeting.

By-Laws Changes

The By-Laws can be changed only by majority vote at the Annual Meeting. Three minor changes are proposed.

One: In case of a tie. New language in [ ].

In case of a tie vote between two candidates, each is given an opportunity to withdraw. “If neither withdraws, the election will be decided by a coin flip by the President. If the vote for President is tied, it will be decided by a coin [flip] by the Secretary. [This will be known as the Bernie Scally coin flip.]”

Two: Meeting of the Board.  

“The Board of Governors shall meet in February, May, September and December at a time set by its members.” This will be replaced by: “The Board of Governors shall have regular meetings on a schedule decided by the Board at the Annual Meeting in February, following the election.”

Three: Use of Club facilities, an additional section:

Use of Club Facilities

Private parties — such as birthday, anniversary, graduation — booked by Club members can be “closed” (invitees only). All other events must be open to all Club members.

Just a reminder to get those dues in – it is renewal time.

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