Suggestions were taken for nominees from membership from Mon. Oct. 10 until Fri. Nov. 4, 2016. Our nominees were then chosen by the P&P Board of Governors. Online voting for our nominees took place from Mon. Nov. 15 until Fri. Dec. 2, 2016.

There were some 9,500 online votes, a 30 percent increase from 2015. The winners of the popular vote were announced at the fourth annual Philadelphia News Award ceremony held Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016 at the Pen and Pencil Club, 1522 Latimer Street.

Philadelphia Reporter of 2016

  • Mark Dent Billy Penn
  • Jared Brey Philadelphia magazine
  • Dave Davies WHYY
  • Chris Brennan Philadelphia Inquirer [WINNER]
  • Barbara Laker Philadelphia Daily News

Investigative Reporting of 2016

  • Toxic City: Lead Paint (Barbara Laker, Wendy Ruderman, and Dylan Purcell and Jessica Griffin) Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The Philadelphia Sunshine Project DeclarationPHL
  • Veterans Coming Home, WHYY [WINNER]
  • “Generation Addicted” (Vince Lattanzio) NBC10
  • Remaking Sharswood PlanPhilly

Multimedia Use of 2016

  • Kimberly Paynter WHYY
  • Diana Bowen Billy Penn
  • Lindsay Lazarski WHYY
  • Alex Lewis Radio, podcast producer
  • Chris O’Connell Fox29 [WINNER]

Broadcast News Journalist of 2016

  • Alex Holley Fox29 [WINNER]
  • Taunya English WHYY
  • Vincent Thompson WURD
  • Vince Lattanzio NBC10
  • Nicole Brewer CBS3

Commentary of 2016

  • Brian Hickey Philly Voice
  • Dan McQuade Philadelphia magazine
  • David Patrick Stearns Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Helen Ubiñas Daily News [WINNER]
  • Mike Newall Philadelphia Inquirer

Social Media Use of 2016

  • Molly Seavy Nesper Fresh Air with Terry Gross [WINNER]
  • Dan Levy Billy Penn
  • Victor Fiorillo Philadelphia magazine
  • Scott Charles Health advocate
  • Sofiya Ballin Philadelphia Inquirer


Breaking News Reporting of 2016

  • Julia Terruso Philadelphia Inquirer
  • David Gambacorta Philadelphia magazine
  • Hayden Mitman Philly Voice
  • Bobby Allyn WHYY [WINNER]
  • Anna Orso Billy Penn

Community Reporting of 2016

  • Aubrey Whelan Philadelphia Daily News
  • Tony Abraham [WINNER]
  • Avi Wolfman Arent WHYY
  • Ernest Owens Philadelphia magazine
  • Alfred Lubrano Philadelphia Inquirer

Non-Traditional News Provider of 2016

Editor of 2016

  • Chris Hepp Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Patrick Kerkstra outgoing Philadelphia magazine
  • Sabrina Vourvoulias outgoing Al Dia [WINNER]
  • Jessica Griffin Philadelphia Daily News
  • Sheila Simmons Philadelphia Tribune

Sports Reporter of 2016

  • Jillian Mele Breakfast on Broad [WINNER]
  • Matt Gelb Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Jonathan Tannenwald
  • Matt Mullin Philly Voice
  • Donald Hunt Philadelphia Tribune
  • Terry Toohey Delaware County Daily Times

Freelance Reporter of 2016

  • Emma Restrepo Al Dia, freelance
  • Jon Hurdle New York Times, others
  • Max Marin, Philly Weekly, others [WINNER]
  • Steve Volk, Philadelphia magazine, others
  • Joe Kaczmarek, Daily News, others

Politics and Government Journalist of 2016

  • Tricia Nadolny Philadelphia Inquirer
  • William Bender Daily News
  • Tom Waring Northeast Times
  • Katie Colaneri WHYY [WINNER]
  • Pat Loeb KYW

Culture Journalism of 2016

  • Craig LaBan Philadelphia Inquirer [WINNER]
  • Peter Crimmins WHYY
  • Danya Henninger Billy Penn
  • Jennifer Logue Metro
  • Drew Lazor freelance

Business Reporter of the Year

  • Jacob Adelman Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Jane M. Van Bergen Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Joe DiStefano Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Kenneth Hilario Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Juliana Reyes [WINNER]